Nerve Conduction Studies Bulk Billed

The Gold Coast Carpal Tunnel Clinic can charge your Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) directly to Medicare. All you need is your Medicare card and a debit or credit card with a PIN number.

The NCS is performed on the day of surgery at the initial consultation if required. Sometimes the diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is very clear from the history and examination and in these cases NCS may not be required.



The ADVANCE™ NCS System is designed for efficient and convenient nerve conduction studies in the office setting. ADVANCE is ideal for assessing common neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

ADVANCE Provides

  • Standard nerve conduction studies designed for point-of-care setting
  • Immediate diagnostic results
  • An intuitive touch screen system for straightforward testing
  • Preconfigured electrodes for accuracy and standardization
  • Real-time, on-screen results
  • A detailed results report

Practice Benefits

  • Expedite your diagnosis
  • Fast track patient management and therapy
  • Testing is straightforward & fast – about 10 minutes

Pre-configured, Nerve Specific Electrodes

  • Designed for specific nerves and anatomic sites
  • Provides accurate and reliable nerve conduction data
  • Extensively validated in peer reviewed literature
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